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Self help and healing apps by Carol Everett.
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This set of APPS and future additions will enable you to effectively acquire the self help higher energies you will need for many situations.
They are designed specially, to guide you, while working with me within the app. While empowering your own ability to help yourself.


1. Just Click on link below for each app as they become available.
2. The first part is free and then a small payment is required to access the main part, mainly to cover production/hosting costs.
Don’t worry, it's usually less than a cup of coffee. You will be presented with ticket choices options for each app.
And a paypal payment option where you can either use your paypal account or a card directly.
3. Once you have worked with an app, when finished, simply click the browsers return arrow to return to this page if it's not automatic. Thank you
  TITLES. ( Available now are marked with** )

1.** STRESS AND ANXIETY RELIEF  Stressful and un-nerving situations often push people to the limit (available now)**



3. RIGHT BRAIN INSPIRATION, INTUITION. for actors, artists, intuitives etc. (coming soon)


Anti-ageing hormone healing

Meditating with the higher energies


Healing for older folk


Using the Apps

All the apps are are designed in a simple way to help you to help yourself. In the process, my right brain and your right brain will be linked together by bringing in the higher energies, thus enabling you to reach a higher level of meditative state than you would normally be able to reach entirely on your own. My brains frequencies and  patterns have been extensively tested and scientifically measured in the Tokyo Denki university, Japan 1994 to verify that I can do this while I work on a higher intuitive level. Since this time I have been training my brain to reach even higher planes of energy. Scientists now describe this in terms of quantum physics, which is still a long way from it being understood. Quantum physics would explain this better than I ever could, in terms of 'things' or thoughts being in 'divergence' or present in different planes of space and time. So existing at the same and at relative alternate times. I know how to do this, which is why you can bring this energy in for yourself with my guidance in the apps, but not how to scientifically explain it. If I could scientifically explain it I wouldn’t be able to do it. This level of knowledge would change my intuitive brain patterns and so alter my gifts.

By using the apps your brain can easily absorb the energies yourself for the purpose each is intended. Once your brain is in this state it will be able to receive the healing the body or brain needs to receive and benefit, wherever its needed. The right brain retains these energies and they also get stronger the more you use them, its like a body builder in that the more you work out the stronger your body becomes. The more you work with the right brain using the higher energies the stronger your right brain becomes. The right brain is tomorrows world, when reaching the higher planes it can exist and gain information that is new, not just repeated not old hat. The left brain naturally keeps referring back to old methods and coming up with the same information, modified slightly using highly impressive academically accepted words but nothing much new and outside the box. My brain is way ahead of my time, my mind looking back. Like the EPRP i was using it 15 years medically before it surfaced everywhere in the form of 'dracula therapy'. I did have a couple of doctors in London and a proffesor who were quietly looking at my work at the time testing the results. But new proceedures cause a great deal of pressure from the British medical higher-archy,

Meditation on a high level is the gateway to new worlds, new medicines of the future, a better more simple world. I believe as a lot of people ,our bodies were designed to heal themselves. But modern day techniques, continual academic left brain regimented training has taken over from the right brains. The right brain has not been allowed or encouraged to develop due to the pressure of learning with the left brain. This is the way we have been made to believe is the only way forward its isn’t there is the other side of the brain that is there for a reason and not just helping us sleep. I have at times worked with a scientist/physicist before filling in some missing links relating to gravity and black holes for him to work with, very interesting,

If left brain academics who have mostly left brain logical knowledge and who are able to research with existing knowledge and research behind them, actually got together with people able to reach intuitively outside the box to a higher plane for direction guidance with the outcomes, then what may be possible. If this is put together, including the ability to reach a higher plane of existence, just imagine how far new possibilities would come then. Possibly filling in the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzles from which their left brain dominence is holding them back.

Medical and Scientific predictions.

Medical.. In the 1930s Edgar Cayce made a startling prophetic remark:
           "The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body."           
                            My own EPRP is doing this right now both for healing and anti-ageing. One or two drops are all that is needed, blood has dna, and a memory.

Scientific.. In 1945 (published in the Wireless World magazine) 20 years before
             Sir Arthur C. Clarke's most famous prediction on the future: his proposal for geostationary satellite communications.

Future posibilities are endless in human health and universal science.

Love Carol

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